Stacking Firewood On Pallets
Stacking firewood on pallets is a great way to store your firewood off the ground, allowing it to properly season.

Why should you elevate your firewood instead of just stacking it directly on the ground? Firewood that rests on the ground will soak up ground moisture, preventing the wood from drying out and potentially causing mold growth.

Firewood that is elevated eliminates ground moisture and it allows air to flow around all sides of the wood, allowing it to properly dry.

Plus, elevated firewood reduces the amount of insects and rodents that live within your firewood stack.

Mice, spiders and various insects love to create a home in firewood that rests on the ground. By simply elevating the wood, you can reduce the amount of unwanted pests living within your firewood, and more importantly it will be dry when you’re ready to use it.

Although there are a lot ways to elevate your firewood off the ground, pallets are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to do it. Plus, if you sell firewood it’s an easy way to measure the wood, ensuring your customers are getting what they pay for.

Stacking Firewood On Pallets
When stacking firewood on pallets the first thing you’ll need to do is find some cheap pallets. Pallets are everywhere and many people will be happy to give them away if you just ask.

I was able to get several from a building project we did at my home. A lot of builders simply burn them or throw them out, so if you just ask around they’re usually happy to give them away.

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