Vegetable Oil

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Corn Oil

Fatty Acids (F.F.A): 0.1
Specific Gravity (25°C): 0.915-0.922
Moisture: 0
Unsaponifiable: 2.0 max Impurities: 0
Saponification Value: 187-193
Peroxide Value: at the time of loading max 1
Refractive Index (25°C): 1.47-1.474
Iodine Number: 103-128 ODOR DEODORISED
Titre 14-20 Taste Bland

Crude Coconut Oil

FFA (as Lauric): 0.07% max
Moisture: 0.1% max
Iodine Value (wijs): 7-12
Peroxide Value, mEq/Kg: 1.0 max
Saponification Value: 250-264
Unsaponifiable Matter: 1.0%max
Slip Melting Point: 23-26 deg C
Color: 1.0 max RED; 10.00 max YELLOW
Fatty Acid Composition: (Actual Analysis)
Caproic Acid, C6:0.4%
Caprylic Acid, C8:6.5%
Capric Acid, C10:5.6%
Lauric Acid, C12:44.8%
Myristic Acid, C14:19.8%
Palmitic Acid, C16:10.4%
Stearic Acid, C18:2.9%
Oleic Acid, C18:1:7.6%
Linoleic Acid, C18:2:2.0%
Solid Fat Content at 10 deg Celsius: 100%
20 deg C: 30.8%
25 deg C: 0%

Crude Soybean Oil

Free Fatty Acid: A1V1.25% Max
Moisture and Volatile matters: 0.20% Max special
Impurities: 0,10% Max
Lecithin (Expressed in Phosphor: ).0.02% Max
Sediment (Gardner Break test): 0.10% Max
Unspecified material: 1.50% Max
Colour: 50 Yellow Max/5 Red Max
Oil Flash Point: 250=BA F Min
Ca+Mg Content: 5 ppm Max
Linolenic Acid: 12% Max
Polyunsatur: 3D 4 Double=bonds
Methyl Esthers: 1% Max
Unsaponificable: 2% Max
Sulfur Content: 10ppm Max

Crude Sunflower Oil

Humidity & Additives: 0.5%Max
Reeraction: 1.4719-1.4740@25 Degree C
Iodine Index: 120-144
Free Fatty: Base2%-3%Max
Unspecifiable matter: 1.0%Max
Sp on if i cat ion matter: 187-192
Peroxide: 2 OMEQ 02iKg
Flash point: 250?.F.Min
Lionoific: Range 59-62
Color: 5Red Max/35 Yellow Max

Palm Oil

Butyro-refractometer reading at or refractive index at 40.c:43. 7-52.5; 40.c:1.4550-1.4610
Saponification value: 195-205
Iodine value: 54.62
Unsaponification matter: max 1.2%
Acid value: max 0.5
FFA as Oleic acid (max):0.25%
Peroxide value (max) expressed as milli-equivalents of 02 per kg: 10.0

Refined Canola Oil

BFree Fatty acids 1.5%max
Moisture and Impurities 0.1%max
Flash Point Min C150
Cinematic Viscosity (40C), mm2/s max 38
Chlorophyll content, PPM max 30
Neutral Oil 98.5% Min
Loss 1.5% max
Phosphorous content, PPM max 120
Erucic Acid 2.0% max
Sulfur, PPM 10.00
Oxidation Stability (110C), h min 5.0
Neutralization Value, mg KOH/g max 2.0
Ash Content 0.01% max
Iodine Value, g/100g min 100 max 120
Water Content 0.075% max

Sunflower Oil

We are counted amongst the reputed Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of Refined Sunflower Oil , Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil that is considered as an important vegetable oil. Our esteemed patrons from all over the worldwide demand the oil for its pure quality and healthy to eat attributes. Refined Oils is highly demanded in the domestic sector for cooking purpose as well as in the Cosmetic Industry.

%free fatty acids (ffa): Max 0.1
% ash (*): Max.0.05
Saponification value:190.32 koh/g. Of oil
Iodine value:134.13 (wijs-hanus method)
Peroxide:0.2 meq/KG. Of oil
% soap:0.0005
% unsaponifiable matter: Max.0.12
Impurities: None
% saturated fat(-ty acids):8-12
% unsaturated fat(-ty acids):87-91
Feeding energy:900kcal
Iron : < 0.02 mg/lt