Buy Chicken Liver & Chicken Gizzard

The Halal Process – BFB PLUS chickens are slaughtered by Muslims individually by hand, in accordance with Halal guidelines. Our facility maintains a strict adherence with all humane animal treatment and slaughter requirements, including cut accuracy, direction to Qiblah, and a lengthy bleed time.
BFB PLUS Poultry Products are produced using:

• Cage-free, free-roaming Chickens
• Fed a Vegetarian Diet
• With No Hormones or Antibiotics
• Cared for and Handled Humanely
• Slaughtered Individually by Hand by Muslims
• With Proper Qiblah Direction
• Lengthy Bleed Time
• No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

Packaging Detail:450g Tray or 1kg tray packed

The result is a high-quality, all-natural, wholesome and good-tasting bird. With this in mind, you can be confident that all BFB PLUS Poultry Products are processed under strict Halal practices and the highest standards in the industry.

£300.00 £200.00


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