Free acidity (oleic acid %) M 1,0 %
Peroxide value (meg 02/kg) M 15
K232 (in UV) M 3,30
K270 (in UV) M 0,9
Delta K (in UV) M 0,15
Myristic acid M 0,05
Arachidic acid M 0,6
Linolenic acid M 1
Eicosenoic acid M 0,4
Behenic acid M 0,2
Lignoceric acid M 0,2



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C 18:1 T M 0,20
C 18:2 C 18:3 T M 0,30
Cholesterol M 0,5
Brassicasterol M 0,1
Campesterol M 4,0
Stigmasterol < Camp
Delta-7 Stigmasterol M 0,5
Total Beta-Sitosterol m 93,0
Erythrodial Uvaol M 4,5
Total sterol content (mg/kg Oil) m 1000
Waxes (mg/kg Oil) M 350

Pure Olive oil is exclusively obtained from the fruit of the olive tree and never mixed with any other oils, except for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Entirely free of solvents, it is often simply labelled as Olive oil; with a lighter taste than Extra Virgin oil, it retains the same health benefits.
The delicate taste makes Pure Olive oil perfect for everyday use in salad dressings, marinades and mayonnaise, and will provide the delicious finishing touch to most dishes.