Copy Laser Paper A4

Copy Laser Paper A4 is a reliable and high-quality copy paper for daily use, producing sharp images of graphics and text from today’s technology in copying. It also features a reflex-free uncoated matte surface, which is an excellent base for non-strenuous readability.

Technical Specification       

Item  Copy Laser Paper
Material Recycled pulp/Mix pulp/100% virgin wood pulp
Size A4,Letter size(8.5X11)
Base Weight 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm
Whiteness 98-100%, 102-104%,108-110%
Packing 500 sheets per ream, 5 or 10 reams per carton(box)
Loading Qty(20ft) Substance  A4 Letter size
80gsm 8000/6300 reams
75gsm 8200/6300 reams 8600/6300 reams
70gsm 8550/7200 reams
Key Performance No jam in photocopy machine
No double feed
Stay flat after copying
Leave no dust in the copier
Nice appearance- white and clean
Nice touch- smooth and bulky
No seeing through- two sides printing

Advantages of our Copy Laser Paper     

1. Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.
2. Two-sided usage gives the paper sheet high opacity.
3. Bright Appearance gives high print contrast to the printing.
4. Sharp cutting edges prolongs performance of copying machine.
5. Anti-curl quality reduces paper jams in the copier.
6. Low dust content minimizes copier running cost.
7. 500 sheets of paper guarantee in each ream.
8. Ream wrapper is moist protected.

Packing & Delivery


A Size 500 sheets/ream, 5 reams/carton, with pallet or without pallet
Letter Size 500 sheets/ream, 10 reams/carton, with pallet or without pallet

(2)How many tons can be load on 20fcl?
–One 20fcl can load about 16mt(Net Weight, base on A4 size, 80gsm,500sheets/ream, 5ream/carton, with pallet)
–One 20fcl can load about 20mt(Net Weight, base on A4 size, 80gsm, 500sheets/ream, 5ream/carton, without pallet).

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