Double-A Copy Paper

Double-A Copy Paper

Double-A has a smooth finish and added bulk for clear printing and combined with exceptional opacity, delivers quality double-sided printing and copying. Made from farmed Eucalypt trees so no land clearing or deforestation takes place to plant the trees, maintaining the natural environments biodiversity.

Size: A4
Weight: 80gsm
CIE Whiteness: 150
Opacity: 94.0%
Moisture Content: 4.0%
Roughness: 95/120
Archival years 200
Acid-Free: Yes
Elemental Chlorine Free


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Our Double-A Copy Paper A4 gives you a premium finish every time and High quality paper renown for its excellent performance and environmental friendly attributes suitable for photocopies.

Double A Copy Paper A4 renown for its excellent performance and environmental friendly attributes is suitable for photocopies, printing with inkjet and laser printers and offset preprints.

Double-A Copy Paper

Double A A4 Paper
Item Name: A4 paper
Material: 100% Wood Pulp
Size: A4, A3, 8.5*11, 8.5*14, 8.5*17
Base Weight: 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm
Brightness: 102-104%
Whiteness: 100-102%, 102-104%
Packing: 500 sheets per ream, 5 reams per carton.
1. Material: 100% virgin wood pulp.
2. Size : A4, A3, 8.5*11, 8.5*14, 8.5*17 or What else you want to purchase.
3. Delivery: Around 10 working days after receiving the deposit
4. OEM service is offered.
5. Guaranteed for trouble-free operation

Product Description
. Full wood pulp
. High brightness and smoothness.
. Uniformity color, high anti-fold, good stiffne

Suitable for:

1 Photocopy
2 Laser Printing
3 Inkjet Printing
4 Plain fax

A4 copy paper
Imported paper machine(Metso Finland). Neutral paper making and szing, no corrosive and wiring to the printing machine.
Professionally packing, no blocking, no wrinkling and bending inorderwords
Imported cutting equipment, high correctly and amount accuate.

ItemCopy Paper
Material100% virgin wood pulp
SizeA4, A3
Base Weight80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm
Whiteness92-96%, 98-100%, 102-104%
Packing500 sheets per ream, 5 reams per carton(box)
Load Qty(20ft)GSMA4A3
80gsm7800 reams3900 reams
75gsm8000 reams4000 reams
70gsm8200 reams4100 reams
Key performanceNo jam in photocopy machine
No double feed
Stay flat after copying
Leave no dust in the copy-machine
Nice appearance-white and clean
Nice touch-smooth and bulky
No see through-print both sides
Been developed for: Photocopy Machines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machines