Electronics Gloves



The powder-free chlorinated gloves are being acceptable for electronic use as it contains special features of silicone-free, minimum required chloride level, amide-free and non-detectable DOP. It will not result in any static effect occurred during usage.

  • Silicone-Free
  • Chloride Max. 0.85 mg./g.
  • Amide Non detectable
  • DOP Non detectable

Easy Donning, Excellent Comfort,
High Quality, High Resistance to Tearing,
Low Protein, Fit with Hands,
Complying with ISO 9001:2015, FDA 510K,
ASTM-D-3578, EN455 PART 1-3, CE

Product Properties : Latex Gloves For Electronics Gloves

Type :Powdered/Powder-Free
Specification :Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous, Disposable
Main Material:Natural Concentrated Latex
Powder Material:
1. Silicone-Free2. Chloride Max. 0.85 mg./g.
3. Amide Non Detectable4. DOP Non Detectable
TypeProtein ContentPowder control
Powder-Free<= 50 µg/g<= 2 mg/glove
Before Aging>= 18 Mpa>= 9 Newton
After Aging>= 14 Mpa>= 6 Newton
Before Aging>= 650
After Aging>= 500
   Dimensions StandardXSSMLXL
   Width (mm.)74-7882-8592-95103-106112-115
   Length (mm.)  ASTM220 mm220 mm230 mm230 mm230 mm
  EN455Minimum for all size 240 mm.
   Thickness (mm.)  Cuff0.07-0.11 mm.
  Palm0.12-0.16 mm.
  Finger0.14-0.19 mm.

Conformed to ASTM – D3578 – 01 ae2
and FDA 510 (K),
ISO 9001:2015,
ISO 13485:2016
Conformed to EN455 part 1-3 and CE

Standard Packing:100 Pieces / Dispenser Box
10 Dispenser Boxes / Carton
1,400 Cartons / 20’FCL
2,600 Cartons / 40’FCL
3,200 Cartons / 40’HQ
OEM is available.
Available in bulk pack.


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