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Organic & Conventional Macadamia Nuts

Organic Macadamia Wholesale Supplier Bata Food BV Netherlands

Macadamia trees are large evergreen trees that grow slowly to heights of 12 to 15 metres and they can reach up to 20 metres.

The nuts themselves grow encased in a hard, woody shell, which is protected by a green-brown fibrous husk that splits open as the nut matures. Macadamia nuts fall to the ground between March and September each year and are harvested mechanically.

Macadamia nuts are one of the most premium and exclusive nuts with their delicate, creamy taste and smooth texture. They are used directly in snacking and also in the confectionery, bakery and ice cream industries.

We supply Macadamia nuts in both Organic and Conventional forms, starting from pallet quantities.

We also have an ability to despatch goods in Europe Zone immediately as we already have customs cleared products stocked and ready to ship in Europe through our Dutch division Bata Food B.V.

Product Info


Australia, Kenya, South Africa


Style 0: Large Wholes >21 mm
Style 1: Wholes 17-21 mm
Style 2: Wholes and halves 15-19 mm
Style 3: Wholes and halves (low percentage of whole)
Style 4: Halves
Style 5: Large chips
Style 6: Chips
Style 7: Small Chips
Style 8: Fine Grains


10 kg, 11.34 kg (25 lbs) cartons


907 kg (1 pallet)


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