OCC Waste Papers

OCC Waste Papers


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OCC Waste Papers

OCC Waste Papers, Features: Free from impurities
Eco friendly
Content : 99%
Moisture:6% max PRODUCT Old Corrugated Cardboards OCC 11
OCC consists of corrugated containers having liners of test liner, jute, or Kraft.
Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 1%Total Out throws may not exceed 5% Double-Sorted Old Corrugated Cardboards (DSOCC)

-ONP.-OINP.-Maganize.-OCC.-Flyleaf Shaving.-Sorted Office Paper.-43 Coated Book Stock.-White Tissue Waste paper.-Waste Yellow Pages Telephone directories.-Waste newsprint paper.
Double-sorted OCC consists of used corrugated boxes generated from indoor industrial sources.

The cartons are sorted at the source and again before baling to provide the cleanest and driest form of post-consumer unbleached Kraft available. Soft White Shavings/ White paper cuttings
Consists of baled unprinted coated and uncoated shaving and sheets of white ground wood free printing paper.Prohibitive materials none permittedTotal out throws may not exceed 1%.

OCC 11 – Grade 11 OCC
Old corrugated containers 11 – Industries defines Corrugated Containers (Grade 11 OCC)
These are corrugated papers having liners of either test liner,jute or kraft. Under this category of paper,the following characteristics are exibited.

Prohibitive Materials:Not to exceed 5%
Outthrows: Should Not to exceed 5%
Combined Outthrows and Prohibitives may not exceed 5%.

OCC 12 – Grade 12 (DSOCC)
Sorted to be free of boxboard, off-shore corrugutated, plastic, and wax..

Trash/Prohibitive Materials : 0%
Outthrows plus prohibitive : not exceed 5%
Moisture content : not exceed 5%
Bales sizes in (cm) stands at 115(Width)/ Height(115) and Length( 200).
25 Bales per Container.

OCC Waste Papers